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Through her unconventional song structure and experimentalism, Wrené mends the line between reality and surrealism in her work. She is an actor, poet, vocalist, producer, and visual artist. Wrené brings a unique sound to life through unorthodox musical arrangements and haunting vocal performance. Each song presents a story highlighted by the addition of foley sounds, original samples, and subliminal messages. The integration of Avant-garde electronic sound, sampled intruments and soulful vocals lend themselves to an ethereal soundscape, where the counterpoints of beauty and darkness coalesce. The duality of organic and electronic sounds characterizes an asthetic that fuses elements both classical and modern. The incorporation of many musical influences within each song lends itself to innovation within the experimental genre. The lyrics employ poetic imagery, exploring both the dark and the enlightened. Each song embodies a universal emotional truth that is rarely challenged within modern popular music. The conscious decision to disregard lyrical and visual boundaries allows for freedom of expression and celebrates the strength in emotional vulnerability.

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